“absolutely top-notch music-making, as fine as one could ever expect to hear…poised to become one of the top piano trios in the world…”
Washington Post, Feb 8, 2015
“It (James Lee III Temple Visions) could not have had more expert advocates. Violinist Martin Beaver and cellist Clive Greensmith, who were members of the famed Tokyo String Quartet before it disbanded, and pianist Jon Kimura Parker played with virtuosity and sensitivity.”
Baltimore Sun, Oct 27, 2015
“…because the two string players had played together in the Tokyo String Quartet before its recent retirement from the performing scene and because Parker is such a stellar collaborative musician, Montrose began with a significant advantage, one they have built upon with evident success.”
San Diego Story, Feb 7, 2016
“While all are soloists in their own right, they play as a unit melding seamlessly with an impeccable sense of ensemble, giving vibrant performances that let each work reveal itself in all it has to say.”
The Albuquerque Journal, July 24, 2015
“The Montrose Trio did it (Brahms Trio in B Major) proud, supplying every ounce of artistry in delivering an impressive performance that would have made the master happy.”
The Buffalo News, Nov 17, 2015
“…their Tchaikovsky was breathtaking. Each musician’s level of collaborative skill, musicality, and technique was just what was called for.”
TheaterJones, Feb 2, 2016
“The ensemble delivered a wonderful performance of Mendelssohn’s Trio in D minor, and I loved Greensmith’s buttery smooth sound. Responding to the standing ovation, The Montrose Trio gave a heart-stomping, scintillating encore…”
Northwest Reverb, Oct 10, 2015
“… the finale (Mendelssohn Trio in D minor) was simply life-enhancing, so full of spontaneous romantic feeling and inevitability. I have seldom seen a performance of greater concentration ̶ or one so exciting.”
Seen and Heard International, Sept 21, 2015