The Montrose Trio rose to the occasion, collectively producing a big sound that suggested a much larger ensemble. The challenges of the work are great, but the players met them with aplomb...It doesn't hurt that all three musicians are consummate artists.

Mark Satola, Cleveland Plain Dealer

...because the two string players had played together in the Tokyo String Quartet before its recent retirement from the performing scene and because Parker is such a stellar collaborative musician, Montrose began with a significant advantage, one they have built upon with evident success.

Ken Herman, San Diego Story

While all are soloists in their own right, they play as a unit melding seamlessly with an impeccable sense of ensemble, giving vibrant performances that let each work reveal itself in all it has to say.

D. S. Crafts, Albuquerque Journal

The Montrose has many engagements in upcoming seasons, and on the evidence of Friday’s performance they are poised to become one of the top piano trios in the world.

Robert Battey, Washington Post
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